Megan Reed

Product Design

Crafting an education tech brand and launching digital campaigns & products to support it.

Senior Manager, Marketing & Product
Design & Dev Direction/Digital Strategy & Launch

I joined Stamford in Singapore to build the brand and product while leading the design and development teams and culture to support growth and brand consistency.

I led the overall creative direction from concept-to-execution on all digital products & presence; including responsibility for complete product design and development cycle to launch new web application.

Chapter 1

Identifying a clear vision

It was important for me to get the sales, marketing, engineering, design, and executive team on board and for the team to align on what we were trying to achieve. I went to great lengths to create a clear and concise marketing plan that would achieve aggressive company objectives.

The brand guidelines and marketing plan set a standard for how we craft things for the entire company. From sales to business partnerships to marketing to product, it was important to have a representation of why and how we make decisions at Stamford and this plan would be our compass.

Chapter 2

Communicating values, earning trust

Navigating the challenges of starting a life and an education for your children is an overwhelming feeling for parents. There is a constant layer of stress that is hovering around you when you move overseas. The inexperience of not knowing what to do is exhausting.

For these feelings, and more, Stamford worked to craft relatable, yet elite, educational experiences and platforms to support this transition and alleviate the difficulties that arise.

We designed and created content for a set of collateral that contained articles and guides that helped parents not just with their students, but with topics like international educational standards, college prep and technology that is often difficult to understand or needlessly complicated.

We want to continue to be a resource for parents whether they’re looking for a school, or are already a client. Being a part of their family journey establishes Stamford as a trustworthy educational brand.

Chapter 3

Focusing on people, staying true to brand

One of the biggest differentiators between Stamford and other companies was the depth of offering as well as the scope. We focused on building partnerships with relevant organizations that pushed this identity forward to our potential clients. Those partnerships and events were a big component of the brand and product. The way we talk on our Facebook page to the way we communicate with clients in our product, those are all experiences and pieces of what make up the brand.

From the moment someone interacts with myStamford, that begins the experience in what culminates as the Stamford brand.

We use our own students on our website, in our ads, and through our product to build that relationship between the people looking to educate their children and the reality of our offering.

Chapter 4

Crafting the message & product

Launching the new myStamford portal took intentional orchestration of many moving parts. The administration needed to understand the implications on the staff (i.e. additional work requirements, burdens on effort and time, potential risks to the classroom environment). The clients needed to understand how and why it was important to engage. It was my job to show them.

The product and the brand are deeply intertwined at Stamford, as there should never be an inconsistency between the vision we sell in marketing, and the expectations of our product experience.

I worked on research, awareness, presenting the concept, testing & iterations, and creative direction for design and development.

Chapter 5

Launching with a clear strategy

We launched myStamford, a communication and learning portal that helped connect parents with the learning process and have more direct access to the teachers and administration.

No longer are parents left in the dark about the learning experience and beyond, they are finally free to be as involved with participating and communication as they want to be.

View myStamford Live
Chapter 7

A new campaign for growth

Every day parents, students, and teachers build successful and trustworthy systems to enable the next generation of world changes. Hearing about the positive experiences that clients have had working with Stamford is what fuels the desire to build a better brand, product, and company.

Real people, real stories of struggle and success are what makes entrepreneurship exciting and stressful. The Stamford brand wants to highlight these stories to help people realize they’re not alone in their journey and Stamford is there to help them out.

Along with the video, I led the creative direction of a new ad campaign that would help emphasize global leaders mentoring and empowering the students, such as Nobel Laureates, Celebrity Chefs, and prestigious international universities.

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Chapter 7

Measuring the impact

What separates Stamford from others is the desire to craft meaningful experiences across every touchpoint, and to support a culture that inspires to push the standard of quality ever higher.

Whether it was in regards to pushing the standards of international education through exposure to global Nobel laureates, or building state-of-the-art facilities that rivaled top universities around the world, we worked to make first-class education transparent and approachable to anyone.

One of the most exciting things about my work at Stamford was the launch of myStamford as it had a direct impact on retention and the client experience. When we launched myStamford to the community, we continued to make small changes within our focus groups and to keep a tight pulse on the feedback - good or bad.

myStamford was an exciting extension of the Stamford brand, and it opened up more opportunities to explore the relationship between Stamford and the client in the real world.